I am Maxim Achkasov

Drummer, Short Story Writer, 2D Artist, Junior Web Developer, Cybersport Gamer

Name: Maxim Achkasov

Age: 13

Residence: Kyiv, Ukraine

Email: info@maximachkasov.com

Phone: +380950550546‬


Drums 85%
Acting 75%
Writing Stories 60%
2D Design 90%
Singing 50%
Xylorimba 85%
English (Pre-Intermediate) 35%
About Maxim

Maxim Achkasov started studying music before he turned 6. The first instrument he began to master at a local music school was the piano. At the age of 7, he began attending a vocal group with his older brother, Nikita. Though, all his attention was drawn to the drum set that was present in that very room. So, at the age of eight he confidently said to the teachers at the music school that in addition to piano he had a great passion to play the drums.

By now Maxim has been a laureate and winner of various competitions among the players of the drums, xylorimba and piano.

In addition to that, since an early age the boy has been very active and taken part in acting in TV commercials, movies and social videos. In his spare time Maxim is pretty much involved in doing, learning and working with computer graphics, 2D design, web development and cybersport.

Currently Maxim has joined a youth Rock Band "SHCHE" as a drummer, which is participating in the competition "School Bands Battle".


Playing the Drums, Xylorimba and Piano, Singing, Taking part in TV Commercials


Н.Шейко / 18 May 2018


Xylorimba / 19 Dec. 2018

Посвящение бардам

Семен Кац / 16 Aug. 2019


TV Commercial / 11 Jul. 2017

"Водный Мир"

TV Commercial / 10 Oct. 2017

"Водный мир"

TV Commercial / 5 Nov. 2017

"Водный мир"

TV Commercial / 13 Dec. 2017

ДВОЄ (KARNA cover)

Drums / 28 Jul. 2021

Поліна (Бумбокс cov.)

Drums / 28 Jul. 2021